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Wedding Videos

The memories of a wedding are priceless, and a video is the perfect way to keep those memories forever. It’s a time where two lives come together to become  one, and when two families are so busy with last minute details that they don’t have time to enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Let us catch your special moment in time so that it may be preserved forever.

Why hire a professional videographer? We know you only have one chance to get it right, and we know where to be, what and who to shoot, and anticipate what will come next. This learned skill of anticipation is best described as knowing when something’s going to happen before it happens.

Looking for the prefect Videographer to capture your Wedding for memorabilia? You need to get someone you can trust to do it right. Call Poco Productions today.

A Wedding Video in Virginia Beach VA

Weddings are perhaps the most joyous of all celebrations, and I’m sure you want yours to be perfect. But many couples have confessed that their wedding day was one big blur, and their memory of it vague. Poco Productions can solve that with a well edited 60-90 minute video that will flow from one event to the next.We desire our video to be a treasure in your home for years to come.

At heart, Randy is a visual storyteller who walks around looking for unique angles, a cute little girl twirling, or a subtle glance of a parent. These shots edited together, and accompanied by appropriate music, will captivate the viewer from the first moments of the video until the end.The total effect is an entertaining video production that you and your friends will enjoy repeatedly. Randy is a digital artist who uses his creativity to weave a story of your lives.

We generally use a candid or documentary style of shooting which allows us to be unobtrusive; a big word meaning we’ll stay out of the way and in the background. One videographer was told by the father of the bride, “You were there, but you weren’t.”

Today is the yesterday you’ll want to remember tomorrow, and now is the time to do it. We’re into sharing the celebrations of your life, and in making  memories that you’ll cherish for many years. Please do call or email , We’d love to meet with you and discuss the many options that are available.

I just came across an article titled:  What 98% of Brides Regret that  addresses this subject succinctly. I agree with this woman’s conclusions. Please read.