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Video Samples

Marguerite Inscoe shares one of her programs to help businesses get an edge on their competition by learning how to out market them.

Here is a news story about injured soldiers spending a day on a river fishing.


A 1 minute commercial shot over a two day period back in the 90s, but I did not write or edit it.

Stephen Quick demonstrates how a room can be both inside and outside.

Kevin Copeland started a mobile computer repair business where he visits to fix machines. He has changed the name since to Beach Tech.

This is Part 1 of an 11 part series called; Complete Guide to Buying Maintaining & Managing a Vacation Beach Rental House. Host Mike Pitney shares from his experience all the details involved in having a successful house, from what to do first to how to keep renters coming back year after year.

Reflections of Sabino Canyon