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Video Production

3 Phases of Video Production


*  Meet to discuss the goal, the main idea, and what style to use. Do you want a promotional video, a how-to-use-our-product video or a testimonial?

*  Next a script is developed, at least a shot sheet (an outline of what will be shot).

*  Locations for shooting will be scouted and scheduled.

*  Actors, crew, and voice talent will be hired.


2011-12-29 17.16.20  *  If a good script is developed, the day of shooting will be more directed, the plan will be carried out.

*  Production does involve lights, cameras, and audio.

*  The director, often the cameraman, will coach the talent to provide the best take.

Post Production

*  Video and sound editing                                                                         

*  Graphics

*  Online delivery to a web developer such as YouTube or Vimeo.