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Youtube Video Tips & Tricks


 What Factors Affect a Good Website Video?

For all those who might want to launch out and shoot their own video on Youtube, but were afraid, here is an attempt to help you get started.  k0419331

I came across an article by Chris Pirillo titled 50 Youtube (and Online Video) Tips and tricks.

I won’t copy all he wrote, click on it if you want to know all 50. Rather I’m going to pick out Randy’s Top 5, and comment why.

1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth.

Watching trumps reading. Videos, even bad ones, garner attention, even if it’s just curiosity. But why not make it good, then it might just be worthwhile to watch. Read on to find out what garners good.

2. Buy a good camera

k0201500  A better camera makes a better picture. Duh, but many wanna be videographer thinks his phone is as good as a DSLR camera. It isn’t. Do a test sometime. Bad cameras make bad video that hampers whatever message you’re trying to communicate. My motto is: You have one chance to impress. Make it a good impression. This begins with a good camera (and good audio).

3. Lighting begins with that bulb turning on inside your head.

By that I mean the obvious; Most camera shooters don’t think much about lighting when they shoot. Some simple steps could make a huge difference. Start by turning lights on in the room. Maybe move a light next to the subject. Better, invest in a light and use it indoors. Outside, keep the sun to your back. Seek out a shady spot. Bottom line: think about lighting before you pull the trigger.

4. Create a scene

Start by being mindful of what’s behind your subject. Hide dirty dishes, close a closet, Is there a harshly lit window behind them? Again, think before you shoot.

5. Catch all reminders on shooting

Here’s a combo of the 50 to remind us what’s important. Practice, keep it simple, be yourself, find your voice, have fun, stay on topic, keep it short, & try something new.

Most of the other ones were about things like going viral, linking, embedding, editing (or not), uploading, & making playlists.  k7820352

I think everyone making a video should ask why they’re doing it. Is it to show off? Get a message out? Increase lead generation? or reach a community of interested others? This last one I think is a worthy idea. Wanting to connect with, grow, and help others learn something new is, in the long run, worthy of our effort. Make videos to make friends.

Isn’t that what the internet should be about? Learning, growing,…connecting?

We at Poco Productions want to connect with you and others in this area so we can learn and grow in our knowledge of how to create a good website video.




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