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The Videography of Poco Productions


Videography of Poco Productions

The Videography of Poco Productions is a Website video I just finished that explains the work I do. In it I wanted to emphasize that I shoot three different types of videography: website videos, wedding videos, and real estate videos. I then contrasted the difference between “free” videos, and sticker shock expensive videos. An old adage applies here; sunset shotyou get what you pay for . A low grade free video can communicate the wrong message to a viewer looking for quality. A full production professional video can cost thousands, often $10,000.

A Third Option

A 3rd option is a professional, yet affordable video, complete with full video editing services and online distribution. A concise, well written video can explain who you are, what you have to offer a viewer, and how they can benefit from using your company. As a videographer it has always been the goal of Randall Thornton to offer a professional, yet affordable option, and I have concentrated my efforts on small to medium sized businesses that have a website in need of a good two minute video. My motto for 2014 is: In today’s market, if you have a website, you need a video.

Videographer Randall Thornton Wants to Help You

Want the best video of your Wedding or Business to show Friends or clients? We produce high quality videos for personal or business use? Call us today. Poco Productions wants to provide you with a professional, yet affordable website video, complete with our video editing services. Please contact us or call. We want to help you take that first step of entering the world of video.

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