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Script & Story Ideas

The most important part of a video is the script, so initial discussions are crucial. Tell me what you want?  A video company doesn’t know your business like you do. I listen, and ask questions. Big questions are; What do your potential clients want? Why aren’t they buying from you? What do you think they want from pen_3_sm you?  If they don’t understand what you do, how would you tell them?

Knowing answers to these questions will help us create a meaningful script, often beginning with the problem (or why a viewer isn’t buying from you), and quickly progress to solutions ( how you can provide what they need.) Knowing this, I can then ask; A marketing or informative video? Live or animated? Long or short? Formal or informal? Humorous or just the facts?

As you see there is a lot more to a script then just writing a factual account. Learn to tell your story  quickly. Tell the story about your business in a short, succinct, and shareable way. It can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Next is the  creation of a storyboard: a written and visual outline of your story. The process is organic, it develops from a rough draft, tweeked, edited, reduced,  finely tuned and worked on until it is a well crafted work of art.