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Real Estate Showcase Videos

Real Estate Videos are on the Rise

In today’s competitive Real Estate Market videos are becoming the tool to create an advantage to best advertise and sell your property. It begins with a two minute video tour room by room, and when this is put to music, it gives potential buyers or investors the needed information to make a decision.

3 Minute Website Video with You Sharing Your Vision

Another advertising tool is a three minute website video where you introduce yourself online to potential clients. Three “packed full of facts” minutes can combine sight, sound, motion and emotion to create an empathetic trust in you and your product. A video will allow a viewer to see you as a real person whose working hard, and this exposure will enable them to trust you, and take the next step: They will respond and contact you.

Larry Collins is the President of Real Estate Development and Investments and he came to Poco Productions with a need to make a video. He wanted to e-mail it to potential investors. We made it, uploaded it to YouTube, and he shared the video along with his own appeal.

Thirty days after distributing this video online Larry had an interested investor who wanted to back his project. For Larry, website videos worked!
See for yourself.

A Poco Productions Before and After Video

for Homearama 2012