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Quality Video Can Make or Break a Viewers Return Rate


Quality is Rare

k5376406 For every well-produced informative video, there are millions that are not. Why is this? Most videos are not thought through, ie, no attempt to sit down and write some kind of script. There is also little thought towards good production; things like lighting and sound.

Online Video Quality Impacts Audience Retention

In an article online from MarketingCharts, they point to a study conducted by JupiterResearch concerning low-quality viewing experiences.    u18376108

  • 46% of online consumers watch online video monthly or more frequently.
  • Online video that is interrupted for buffering purposes and playback that is slow to begin are the greatest sources of frustration.
  • 60% of frequent online video users (i.e., those who watch online videos at least once per week), are less likely to return to a site for video content if the viewing experience is poor.
  • More than a quarter of those users said they would be less likely to visit a poorly performing website again for any reason; they also said they would have a more negative overall perception of a site with poorly performing video content.


Current trends suggest that delivering high-quality online video is fast becoming a key differentiator for online viewers. How to maintain video quality online has become a hot topic. Viewers respond positively to well thought out videos, and negatively to poor quality. In fact a Univ. of Massachusetts study titled: Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior demonstrates the causes of viewer abandonment and repeat viewership. Their conclusion: Good video increases repeat viewership.  Sequence 1

We at Poco Productions are concerned about good quality video, and would love to talk with you on how to get more quality video on your website. Email us at pocovideo@gmail.com or call 757-270-4281.


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