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Website Video Prices Vary Based on Time

Prices can be a touchy subject because each project is different, and each takes a certain amount of time to finish.

Often I will answer the question , “How much is a video?” with $48 an hour. This will include a free consultation, followed by research which is asking you, the owner detailed questions on what you do, who do you want to reach, how do you intent to reach them? What do your potential clients want? Why aren’t they buying from you? What do you think they want from you?  If they don’t understand what you do, how would you tell them?  Next in the process is the formation of a script, again, consulting with you, the owner, to fill in the process. You know your business better than me. And we haven’t even begun to shoot.

The Process

IMG_1037From the script we form a storyboard, a written and visual outline of your story. When we finally shoot interviews, product & action shots, we can then begin the editing process, which generally consumes half the time of a project. Lastly, is graphics and maybe animation.

Next begins online distribution which can be as easy as Youtube, but can get very involved. So the answer is a website video can take a lot of time to do well.

 Website Video Packages

I actually do have some website video package rates.

Shoot the House                                         $295

Real Estate videos can be quick and easy compilation of exterior shots, and pans of each room put to music. : 2 hours of shooting, 2 hours of editing, 2 hr. graphics and compressing, & 1 hour of online distribution.

Shoot a business                                         $495

A business is more involved and time consuming especially in the writing of 1-2 minute website video. It takes time and effort to tell the story of your business in a short, concise, and shareable way. But just consider that a viewer is taking 2 minutes to make a decision, and a good video can mean the difference whether they say yes or no. The video will include interviews, action shots at work, and graphics: 4 hours scripting, 3 hours shooting, 3 hours editing, 2 hours graphics & compressing, 1 hr. distributing. An hourly rate can be applied instead.

Document your story                                $ 895

This is a 5-7 minute corporate video that shares the history and the vision of a company, and is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment to be viewed  by a limited or targeted audience. This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.The corporate video production process will frequently involve the following stages:

  • Pre-production, includes script writing and storyboarding. The budget needs to be agreed upon between the production company and client.
  • Video production, includes location filming with a camera crew and director, and may include actors or a spokesperson.
  • Post-production is where the footage is edited together. This also includes an audio voice-over, maybe graphics,& choice of music.
  • Project time on this kind of project can vary greatly, so if an hourly rate would be more advantageous, it would be used instead.

Half Hour to One Hour Documentary

Pricing on this kind of video can vary due to time, and is very hard to estimate. I recently did a one hour DVD project and underestimated the time needed to shoot, edit, and distribute the final product. (60 DVDs). It should’ve been twice what I charged, because it took months to finish.