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Non-Linear Editing

Editing, on average, is half of any video production. Non-Linear Editing means it’s all computer based, no tape involved, pretty standard for today’s technology.images-1

Most are not aware of all the elements involved in editing start to finish. There’s is ingesting (getting HD footage into a computer), cataloging (labeling each shot), then you can begin assembling shots onto the timeline. Of course, sound is as important as video, and can be interview, voice over, natural sound, or
music. Each sound needs to be adjusted, each needs to be placed on the timeline. Getting a video to look and sound right takes time, even though the final product looks so effortless.

When a timeline is finished, each video needs dissolves, color correction, graphics, & special effects. First export involves creating a quicktime master clip.
Second export is a compressed H264, which is the best format for Youtube. Last is an upload to Youtube. Each of these processes take time, often hours, images-2depending on a story’s length.

Poco Productions uses a Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro 6, & DVD StudioPro.