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  Videographer at Large

Videographer Freelance for Travel Assignment – Short Notice – Meeting HD TV Standards – Call Poco Productions (757) 270-4281  At heart, I am a freelance videographer with 28 years of experience traveling the world and US shooting video for assignments. I’ve videoed news, conventions, press conferences, the White House, Congress, hurricanes, and sports like football, basketball (Final Four), golf (US Open), soccer, field hockey (NCAA), and fencing championships.

For the most part, I have traveled as a 3 person crew (video, audio, & producer) and we’d use people’s homes as studios for our interviews. Occasionally we’d interview celebrities, but most were regular people who had something to say.

In this “on-the-road” venue, I am accustomed to packing gear quickly to go most anywhere to provide videography services. Recently, I’ve purchased what I consider the best small sized HD camera, audio, and lights, combining flexibility with good quality to meet the TV standards of today.

Sequence 1       My Goal

I like the term “one man band”, which in essence means I’d do it all: video, audio, lighting, travel arrangements, & helping to direct and produce where needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                          My goal is to attract potential clients who need a small video crew, me and a producer-writer (you) to travel to cover whatever story is needed. Let me know by contacting me pocovideo@gmail.com or 757-270-4281. I’d love to serve you and your need.

Here is an example of a “one-man-band” trip to Nigeria. I did not edit the video.