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Poco Productions Video Services

Randy’s Background

My passion for photography began as a young man in the deserts of Arizona. There I learned to see, compose, experiment, edit, and refine my craft. For me, videography became a natural extension of photography and both became a way of seeing and understanding the world around me.  

I always had a passion to make movies and, I was able to complete one during a summer at UCLA.

Soon I had the good fortune to land a job in local news and quickly learned cameras, lighting, audio, script interpretation, & working well with others as a team.

    I then joined a cable network and for over 20 years travelled the country and the world creating, shooting, editing, & directing projects for a variety of clients. Besides video production, I learned skills like time management, solving problems quickly, managing tight budgets, coaching and motivating talent, and interviewing celebrities, government leaders, and contributors.

My Present Interest

Now I’m turning my interest to what I believe is the future of the internet: website videos. A video combines sight, sound, motion and emotion that creates an empathetic trust in you, the owner, and your product.

Videos are the future of the internet, and will dominate websites in the coming years. A website video enables your message to come alive, and increases your brand recognition and response rate. The goal is to engage viewers to act, thus turning viewers into customer.

What Poco Productions Can Do for You

Poco Productions provide high quality video production and includes story and script ideas, video taping, editing and online  distribution. But I ultimately want you, the owner, to succeed. Initially, I’d like to listen, suggest, inspire and encourage you on what advantage a video can in increasing viewers to your website. Then I research, we brainstorm, I create a first draft, share it, get your input, rewrite, refine, and just do my best to create a video that concisely describes who you are and what you can do to help others with your services.

We cater to the needs of small businesses, and our goal is to create state-of-the-art video at a reasonable cost to those who want can enter the growing field of web-based video production. We also shoot corporate, event and wedding videos from start to finish.

So please call (757) 270-4281 or email (pocovideo@gmail.com) for more details on how to take the first step in entering the world of creating a website video.