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98 Percent of Brides Regret not Having a Video


 Poco Productions Wedding Video Still    I came across an article by Ariane Fisher in The Huffington Post entitled “98 Percent of Brides Regret This Choice After Their Weddings” It’s the best summary of why a video should be a major consideration in the wedding planning process.

Videos capture moments in time, and like wine, they improve as the years go by.  On my website I say, “Today is the yesterday you’ll want to remember tomorrow.”

The 98% figure came from a 2006 survey by WEVA, an organization for wedding videographers. Their conclusions were “Brides said video does a better job of capturing the emotions of the day, records the history of the day better, and they strongly feel that future children will enjoy their wedding video more than their wedding photographs.”

This is more evident today (7 years later) with the advent of easy video. But I would warn against another regret; not hiring a professional videographer. I  was passed over for a wedding because “they had a friend.” Months later I approached the mother of the groom and asked how the wedding went. She said the camera never showed the couple during the ceremony, and the camera mic made audio hard to hear.

Why hire a professional videographer? We know you only have one chance to get it right, and we know where to be, what and who to shoot, and anticipate what will come next. This learned skill of anticipation is best described as knowing when something going to happen before it happens.bubbles

Poco Productions is still in the wedding video business, though it is somewhat hidden on our website. Please contact us if interested at 757-270-4281.


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