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Why Every Website Needs a Video


businessman seating with laptop  I recently signed up to take an online course with Grumo Media and taught by Miguel Hernandez, a young Vancouver Canadian excited about the future of videos on the internet. His critique of most videos online is that they’re either too long or too boring. His solution: Make a short video with a very clear message, and entertaining at the same time.

There are three benefits to this formula.

1. Videos Increase Sales

Viewers would rather spend 2 minutes watching a good video than to prod through text and images in order to draw a conclusion. His motto: If an image is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth a thousand images.

2. A Video Creates Product Awareness

A video is inherently very social network friendly.  Videos are easy to view, and when well done, offer the viewer a clear choice to choose your product.

3. A Video Creates an Experience            k0419331

A good video will provide a entertaining experience with a strong call to action at the end. His other motto is: People love stories, a video should tell a story, a good one, a realistic one, in a fun way.

We at Poco Productions are jumping on this trend. We want to make what Hernandez calls “Demo Reel Videos”: Short concise well written videos that quickly communicate your message to your viewer. Let us know if you’d like to know more on how you can have a website video.

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